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Effortless Follow-Ups

LifeMail not only helps you create lists, it also reaches out to your subscribers instantly!

We send out follow up emails and sequences automatically to the newest additions to your list and also to those who had not read your previous email.

Make your potential customers feel welcome from Day 1. Increase customer loyalty and your sales right from the beginning without any extra effort.

Email marketing has never been more efficient, effortless and economical before.

Knowing one’s weakness is one’s biggest strength.

We provide deep analytics that helps you track your performance to leave your competition way behind!

What’s better?

We give you insightful information like what time would be the best to reach out to your audience & when they’re likely to open your email.

Hot-Selling Ready To

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When you upgrade to LifeMail Pro today, you get access to our PREMIUM XX guaranteed to convert email templates. 

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These Are Created By Our In-house Team Of Professional Designers, Marketers & Copywriters.

These Templates Are In Line With The LATEST Market Trends.

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Engage with your customers as soon as they sign up without stressing about drafting and sending an email including Unopen Follow-ups.

Our upgraded technology sends out automated emails on your behalf

Deeper Analytics & 


Know what works for you! 

We’re providing in-depth analysis for you to understand the performance of your campaigns. You can also split-test your email down to segments


Emails Templates

Simply copy & paste our guaranteed to convert (upgrade-exclusive) emails to begin multiplying your profits

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Open your doors to unlimited streams of income.

Now you can run unlimited campaigns for yourself & your clients without any legal hassles

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You can also find important data like open rate, click rate and bounce rate for every campaign without getting confused.

With LifeMail Pro, you can unlock the most exclusive feature.

You can now split-test your email. This basically means that you can divide your list into segments and send different emails to each of these segments. This helps you understand which email is working better & which one you should replicate for continued success.

Data can be very confusing when presented inefficiently. LifeMail makes numbers easy without looking for an expert to explain them.

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Value - $197

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"Also Unlock Our Upgraded Commercial License!"


Upgrade To LifeMail PRO At A Discounted Rate For A Limited Period:

Grab It At $47 Today!

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Value - $297

Value - $297

Value - $497


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Upgrade To LifeMail PRO At A Discounted Rate For A Limited Period:

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Upgrade To LifeMail PRO At A Discounted Rate For A Limited Period:

Grab It At $47 Today!

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"Also Unlock Our Commercial License!"

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Here’s What You Unlock:

Hot-Selling Ready To Convert Email Templates


Next Level Features

Hey Amit, You have outdone yourself this time. what has me excited? Unlimited, Unlimited, and Unlimited.

The Premium Drag & Drop, Schedule emails easily, and 100% customization just tickles me.

What blows my socks off is the Exciting Templates. I have seen them and they are beautiful.

Congrats Amit.

Gary McLeod

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DrJehan Ziad

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Abdul Rehman